Problems with autoconf-2.52 testsuite using current CVS Cygwin

Earnie Boyd
Thu Jul 26 12:32:00 GMT 2001

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Oops.  Forgot to change the title on the last message.  Hopefully this
> one will appear within the correct thread.
> > The autoconf testsuite creates a lot of temporary directories and
> > files in them below /tmp. The directories are named using two
> > characters (e.g. "ac") and the PID of the current process.So a
> > typical name is `ac1322' on NT/W2K. Let's work out that example.
> >
> > After performing the related test, the testsuite removes the
> > testdirectory ("/tmp/ac1322") and moves forward to the next
> > test.
> >
> > Now the problem suddenly shows up:
> >
> > The testsuite fails to remove the temporary directory when running
> > under 1.3.3.
> Well, I just noticed that after running the autoconf test suite under
> 1.3.2 -- which passes -- I have a bunch of ac* directories left in my
> /tmp dir, as well.  (I didn't *specifically* notice before, because I
> thought those dirs were leftovers from failed automake or libtool tests,
> not autoconf).
> Perhaps 1.3.2 is just "lucky" -- did the mechanism for assining PIDs (as
> seen by cygwin processes) change between 1.3.2 and 1.3.3; that is, are
> PIDs more likely to collide now?
> Or, did the return val of mkdir() change when dir-already-exists?
> Of course, even if I'm right about the PID issue (and I doubt it) the
> inability to remove dirs under 1.3.3 would still be a problem...

Wow, that was a measure in frustration control.  I was going to test
this as well and after having built autoconf-2.52 under 1.3.2, I tried
the following command with "CYGWIN_NT-4.0 DU211344 1.3.3(0.40/3/2)
2001-07-26 09:52 i686 unknown" version with make locking up the system.
  make clean && make && make check

I was able to get minutes amount of time to kill the make with the task
manager but it took about 30 minutes to get there.


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