Question on new structures in setup [C++ Question]

Brian Keener
Wed Jul 18 08:28:00 GMT 2001

Brian Keener wrote:
> int source_exists;    /* source file exists on disk */
> #ifdef __cplusplus
>   _Info (const char *_install, const char *_version,
>          int _install_size, const char *_source = NULL,
>          int _source_size = 0);
> #endif
> } Info;                 /* +1 for TRUST_UNKNOWN */
Okay,  waiting to respond worked.  I think I understand more about the package 
structure and its member Info structures.  Only the above is still confusing to 
me but I assume it is a redefinition of the Info structure which is used when 
__cplusplus is defined (whatever/whenever that is - but appears to happen in

I also think I understand why no response to my request for insight.  I took it 
that since this was a setup.exe as well as a C++ related question I might get 
some help, but I should have gone to the C++ mailing list/newsgroups for this 
since it is I am sure common C++ knowledge.   

Sorry folks for cluttering the list.


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