Install and Uninstall Scripts

Michael A. Chase
Tue Jul 10 13:25:00 GMT 2001

The main problem I see with the way you had /etc/postremove/... is that if
the script is part of the package, it will be removed by setup.exe before it
has a chance to get executed.  A pre-uninstall script could be executed and
renamed to *.done before setup.exe starts deleting files.

A pre-uninstall script can always copy something to /etc/postinstall to get
the effect of a postremove script.

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Subject: Re: Install and Uninstall Scripts

> "Michael A. Chase" <> writes:
> > For uninstalls, I think it would probably work better if we agreed on a
> > naming convention for a script or batch file that would be executed
> > any packages are deleted.
> Yes, I thought about that too.  Or actually, to have the script
> executed before the specific package is deleted.
> I'm afraid that to solve this problem entirely, we would need
> preremove *and* postremove; and maybe something like Debian's purge.
> But as long as setup.exe does it's own package management, this is
> probably overkill; and I'd rather make a big improvement with a simple
> patch, than try to go all the way.
> The problem I wanted to solve (most) was for a package not to leave
> anything behind after uninstall.  That's why I would vote for
> postremove rather than preremove, and have it act like purge.  Maybe
> it would be acceptable for a package like ssh not to purge the host
> keys, but to delegate those things to /etc/postremove/
> > Maybe something like /etc/preuninstall/package-version.{sh,bat}.
> Ok, my patch has something like /etc/postremove/package.{sh ? sh : bat}
> that would be ok then?

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