Looking into setup problems

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Mon Jul 9 13:01:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I've taken a stab at fixing the current behavior, despite my
> disenchantment.
> If you select "test" then the test version of sources will be
> downloaded/ installed, etc.

Would appear this action column is still giving us fits - seems now I have lost 
the ability to Retrieve/Reinstall (only on some packages (cron I have 3.0.1-2 
and it knows there is a 3.0.1-3 and I get no option for Retrieve/Reinstall in 
Curr), but with gcc I have 2.95.3-4 as current and I see the option for 
2.95-3-5 and I get the option to Retrieve/Reinstall.  I also seem to always get 
skip and keep on each package as opposed to skip if not installed or downloaded 
and keep if it is installed or downloaded.  This is on the pre_category 
version.  Ditto for the category version.

Also on the category version - would the category display be better if when we 
open a category if it only showed the ones requiring updating (ie a partial 
list - probably better expressed as only those not set to keep) as opposed to 
showing all in the category even if they are keeps.


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