Setup.exe test satisfactory

Brian Keener
Fri Jul 6 11:03:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> This is the "retrieve" option.  It works ok for me.
I knew it should be the retrieve option but your's does it??? - I think my 
wording was wrong - it is not the retrieve option that got lost but the fact it 
came up by default as keep Ie: I select download from internet and the current 
version has already been downloaded but not installed it should show up as keep 
instead of showing the version as if it still needs downloading.  Then if you 
want to retrieve you click it until it gets to retrieve. It appears to do this 
if it is installed since we have a bunch of keeps already.

Brian Keener wrote:
> Boy, you guys sure changed this code around - I had gotten pretty familiar 
> with the old and now I'm starting from scratch all over again.

I am too - you guys have streamlined this way over the point of me just looking 
at it and figuring out whats going out.  It's so compact my limited knowledge 
is big time lost.


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