vacation plans

Trevor Forbes
Thu Jul 5 05:48:00 GMT 2001

I think you should just release the dll as a test release, it works fine for
me but who knows.....

As for setup, maybe just release it also as "test" package (no source) -   
"setup updating setup" ie not for beginners....

Regards Trevor

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Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 2:22 PM
Subject: RE: vacation plans

Bus. Bus! BUS!

Seriously... I'd hold off on the .dll, but I see no reason not to
release setup.exe. Theres ~ 3-4 folk now who understand whats happening
in there, and if someone at redhat can cooperate if we need to put a new
version up.... we should be able to hold the fort.


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> Subject: vacation plans
> I'm going to be going on vacation on Saturday.  So, I'm wondering if I
> should release new versions of the DLL and setup.exe.
> I have mixed feelings about this since I probably won't be
> reading email
> much, if at all (if that is possible).
> I am somewhat reluctant to release the DLL because Corinna is
> on vacation
> now and may have some opinions about the DLL.
> I'm reluctant to release setup.exe because it has a lot of
> new code in it
> and people are certain to find some kind of show-stopping problem.
> However, maybe this would be a good test of the "What happens if cgf
> gets hit by a bus" scenario.
> Any thoughts?
> cgf

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