Is this the new format for the download directory

Robert Collins
Sun Dec 23 04:03:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Brian Keener" <>
> With the current format I could potentially end up with a given
package spread
> across multiple directories with a different version in each
directory - what a
> nightmare.  One of your design goals as you stated is "1) A downloaded
set of
> files can be used for multiple installs" and I don't see how this is
> or impeded with one directory structure over another. I'm sure you
were simply
> listing the goals and not saying that this one was necessarily
pertinent to the
> directory problem, but I picked on it simply because of the problems
we had in
> the path with people downloading for a move to another machine and not
> setup.ini - imagine the problem with multiple setup.ini's and all
> different directories.

Setup.ini is in the root of the ftp://... directory. So if you copy that
directory, setup.ini is copied.

> I really believe the simpler we keep the directory structure the
better and
> that all versions of a given package should be in the same folder.  If
we need
> other information about where it came from and such possibly that
should be
> kept in some other index or file somewhere within the download path.
> that I download a version of a package from one mirror and then
download the
> same version from another mirror as well - I don't want to copies - I
only want
> the last and that should be the only one I care where it came from.

That won't happen unless you change mirrors - and there is no need to
change mirrors with the multiple-mirror code - just list the mirrors you
want to try with Ctrl-click's and setup will smartly grab the most
recent stuff from whatever mirror has it. It won't duplicate.

It sounds to me like you are talking about ways to *manually* avoid
certain issues, that setup *is able to* handle for you.


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