setup as a general purpose installer?

Christopher Faylor
Mon Aug 27 21:55:00 GMT 2001

It is with gritted teeth that I ask this question:

Is anyone interested in discussing the issues in making setup
into a general purpose installer?

There are a few obvious issues in doing this.  I'm inclined to
think that we should be getting setup.exe to work better as
a cygwin installer rather than defocusing to ensure that it
can easily install packages from other projects.  Either that
or we scrap everything and move to rpm.

However, I actually, do have a need to be able to use setup.exe
internally at Red Hat with other "non-standard" mirror locations, so
if/when I implement that, part of the problem will be rectified.

Or, is it possible that by thinking more "globally" we might improve
setup.exe's robustness?

(I'm just grasping at straws really.  I've got very little interest
in improving setup.exe on these lines but that doesn't mean it's
not a good idea for someone else to take up)


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