Updated setup.ini with descriptions, categories, and dependencies

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Sun Aug 26 21:43:00 GMT 2001

I wrote a perl script to update setup.ini with dependency and other
information.  The majority of the info came straight from RPMs, which I
thought was fitting.

I've included the updated setup.ini below.  I would appreciate it if
people would take a moment to inspect this for any package that they
maintain and send corrections back to cygwin-apps.

Note that this is not a completely valid setup.ini.  You'll note that
some 'requires' fields have comments.  These are the rpm requirements
that didn't seem to have a 1-to-1 correspondence with cygwin packages.
I think that most of the commented requirements are probably ok but
please inspect these too and report if they should somehow be translated
into something cygwin-specific.

I also haven't run this setup.ini through setup.exe.  I don't know if
it works.  I don't really care if there is a syntax error here somewhere.
I'll find that eventually myself.  I'm more interested in getting the
information as factual as possible.

If you have the time, please check with appropriate RPM data before
suggesting a name or category change.  I'm trying to be as close
to RPM as possible here.

Once I get this worked out, I'll update setup.ini on sources.redhat.com
with this info and modify the perl script which creates setup.ini from
the files in contrib and latest so that it is left alone when it finds
something to update.

Then the next step is to release our new categorized setup on the world.
You can start trembling in fear now...


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