rxvt pops up console with 2001-Aug-07 shapshot

egor duda deo@logos-m.ru
Wed Aug 22 07:25:00 GMT 2001


Wednesday, 22 August, 2001 Kazuhiro Fujieda fujieda@jaist.ac.jp wrote:

>>> On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 17:47:46 +0400 egor duda <deo@logos-m.ru> said:

>> so, would it be sufficient to change your patch so that it will hide
>> console window instead of destroying it?

KF> If my patch is so, I guess it will hide the console window of
KF> the bash shell when we execute a daemon process on it, won't it?

hmm. if i understand things correctly, it won't call FreeConsole()
with your patch in such case, will it? at least until you 'exit' from
bash, and bash itself release console handles. i haven't looked into
this issues too deep, so i may be wrong here. but i think if we change
FreeConsole() to ShowWindow (hConsole, SW_HIDE); it will look
identical on the screen. no?

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