libiberty fix

Charles Wilson
Fri Aug 17 16:07:00 GMT 2001

> After some back and forth discussion, I have checked in a fix for
> the libiberty problem that was raised here earlier.
> It bears no resemblance to my previous change.  It is *a lot* simpler,
> actually.
> So, CVS should build again.

FWIW, libiberty/ still isn't autoconf-able with 2.52, unless 
something is done; the attached patch has the following characteristics:

1) using autoconf-2.13, winsup updated from cvs (includes cgf's most 
recent change to libiberty), and the attached patch:  autoconf-2.13 in 
libiberty generates a configure that is identical to the one Chris put 
into CVS earlier today.

(Yes, since everybody ignored my patch, I re-installed the obsolete 
autoconf-2.13 package and tested the damn thing myself.)

2) using autoconf-2.52, (all other things the same as in #1), autoconf 
generates a "working"(*) configure in libiberty.

(*) It runs and generates a decent Makefile; stderr messages from 
configure look as expected, but...

In both cases, I still can't build a working cygwin: "conflicting types 
for `sys_errlist'" etc.

WITHOUT my patch, autoconf-2.52 fails.  2.13 works, of course -- but I 
still can't build cygwin.

e.g. we have two "problems"

a) Chris's new fix doesn't fix the "CVS cygwin doesn't build" problem
b) at least in the libiberty directory, autoconf-2.52 doesn't work.

My patch addresses b), not a).


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