outstanding issues blocking new release?

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Mon Aug 6 18:32:00 GMT 2001

I can only think of three issues with cygwin that may need addressing.

1) The close_all_files problem that Egor found with exec'ed processes.

2) The problem with select() not detecting eof on pipes (Corinna really
   wants me to fix this).

3) The ntsec inheritance stuff.

Is there anything more?  Of the three, I think the most important one is
probably 1).  The other two are potentially enough too major to consider
if I want to make a new release.

What I'd like to do is fix 1) and then ask people on the cygwin mailing list
to try out snapshots.  If the snapshot seems to work ok, I'll make a 1.3.3

I'm still a tiny bit concerned about Windows 9x/Me but maybe people will test
this if I ask about it in the cygwin mailing list...


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