Problems with autoconf-2.52 testsuite using current CVS Cygwin

Christopher Faylor
Sat Aug 4 14:13:00 GMT 2001

On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 10:12:49PM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 03:53:44PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 09:48:43PM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> >I guess you're right. It's probably the way ash uses vfork(). The
>> >interesting thing is that I even couldn't find the corresponding
>> >unlink()/rmdir() calls on the affected temp directories in the strace
>> >outputs.
>> >
>> >Strange enough, there _are_ actually `rm -rf' calls in the strace for
>> >some temporary directories but the concerned directories are actually
>> >erased. `rm' is never called for the not erased directories for some
>> >reason.
>> >
>> >If it's a problem with vfork() I would expect _failing_ unlink() calls
>> >due to still opened handle on files or similar. The fact that there
>> >are no unlink()s at all points to the vfork() usage in ash bypassing
>> >some important code.
>> >
>> >OTOH, it could also be the vfork() resulting in bypassing some 
>> >important code...
>> I thought that you saw stat calls for the files to be deleted and that
>> the stat calls were returning ENOENT.  That led me to believe that rm
>> was probably checking if the file exists before calling unlink().
>No. Ash calls stat() on a file in the dir which doesn't exist.

How does this differ from what I said?  Are you saying that the
directory doesn't exist rather than the file?  I thought that you
saw stat calls coming from rm.


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