Problems with autoconf-2.52 testsuite using current CVS Cygwin

Charles Wilson
Sat Aug 4 11:09:00 GMT 2001

Chris Faylor wrote:
>>Ok.  We seem to be slowly zeroing in on the problem.  Is someone willing
>>to debug what's going on?  Why are the files deleted with
>>Has anyone tried turning off VFORK in cygwin and seeing if that solves
>>the problem, too?
>>We need to understand what mechanism is not being triggered to delete these
> Anyone working on this?  I'd like to make a new release someday and this
> should obviously be fixed.
> It would be wonderful if I didn't have to actually load the newest version
> of autoconf on my system and debug this after all of the previous debugging
> attempts.

Oops.  It dropped off my radar screen.  I'll try to take a look, but I'm 
running out of time.  At the risk of sounding like Bobby, Jr. <g>:

My main development machine (a laptop) has had a mechanical failure, so 
I have to ship it off to Dell for repair on Monday. It looks like I'll 
be dead in the water for about a week after that.  I will have email 
access(*) via other machines, but none of those are setup for cygwin 
devel.  Or for LaTeX dissertation editing, for that matter. :-(

(*) except that we're upgrading our mail/file server at the lab Sunday, 
so I'll be out of email contact Sunday night and Monday AM, as well.

<on a different note, see below>

Charles Wilson wrote:

> so the following *should* do the trick (assuming mktemp exists, of 
> course).  I'm only concerned with removing "inheritance" from a single 
> parent directory.
> #!/bin/sh
> foo=`mktemp -d /tmp/ggXXXXXX`
> if [ -d ${foo} ] ; then
>   if [ -d $1 ] ; then
>     chmod --reference=$1 ${foo} # save old value
>     chmod 0777 $1               # hopefully this is different
>     chmod --reference=${foo} $1 # restore old value
>   fi
>   rmdir ${foo}
> fi

I've been using this script, lately.  So far, few problems, BUT (a) it's 
specific to the problems on my system, and (b) I may be removing ACL's 
that are actually needed.  I may also need to go back and add an ACL for 
group SYSTEM.  I dunno.  We'll see.

# symbolic links are neither -d or -f.
if [ -d $1 ] ; then
   setfacl -d g:544,u:500,d:g:544,d:u:500 $1
   setfacl -d g:545,u:1000,d:g:545,d:u:1000 $1
   foo=`mktemp -d /tmp/ggXXXXXX`
   if [ -d $foo ] ; then
     chmod --reference=$1 $foo
     chmod 0777 $1
     chmod 0775 $1 # force a change
     chmod --reference=$foo $1
     rmdir $foo
   if [ -f $1 ] ; then
     setfacl -d g:544,u:500 $1
     setfacl -d g:545,u:1000 $1
     foo=`mktemp /tmp/ffXXXXXX`
     if [ -f $foo ] ; then
       chmod --reference=$1 $foo
       chmod 0777 $1
       chmod 0775 $1 # force a change
       chmod --reference=$foo $1
       rm -f $foo

I've been calling it thus:

for fn in `find . -name "*"` ; do
echo $fn
fixacl $fn

On various subtrees.


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