Christopher Faylor
Thu Oct 19 09:19:00 GMT 2000

When debugging problems in cygwin, or even in programs like make, I've
found it immensely useful to use Egor Duda's addition to Cygwin.

If you set cygwin=error_start=x:\somewhere\gdb.exe, gdb will pop up
whenever cygwin encounters a signal that will cause the program to

For this to be effective with a buggy cygwin, y ou have to put the
gdb in a separate directory with a cygwin that has been built with
--enable-debugging so that there is no shared memory collisions.

If you compile with --enable-debugging, there are additional consistency
checks added to cygwin which will notify you when you attempt to close a
handle that shouldn't be closed.  gdb will also be started when cygwin
prints a fatal message.


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