strace of 100% CPU usage

Earnie Boyd
Thu Oct 12 06:29:00 GMT 2000

I've attached two straces one using a -f switch the other without it.  I was
expecting to get something huge with this as the strace was of the make of
Cygwin.  What I found was that an `sh' goes looping waiting on some
non-existant child and during this wait the CPU is 100% used with the waiting
`sh' job getting most of the time.  The waiting `sh' job eventually times out
after ~5 minutes.  Under strace we get:
  ... sync_with_child: WaitForMultipleObjects timed out
  Cannot fork: No more processes
  Make: *** [all-apache] Error 2
where ... is: ######### [main] sh ###

Without the strace the make continues albeit abusivly and slowly.


Earnie Boyd

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