seteuid ?

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Oct 2 05:16:00 GMT 2000

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> I need to
> be able to su root in order to have some daemon programs I'm trying to port
> think that I'm UID=0.
> Now, I could modify the daemon but IMO I shouldn't have to.  So, what in your
> opinion is the best way to implement this scenario in Cygwin?  I understand
> that the ability to maintain the current function is probably wanted so
> something like ntsec=workstation is going to be necessary.

My opinion is in fact that you should modify the daemon. I did that
for OpenSSH, too. Porting to NT has the unfortunate effect that you
have to drop the special meaning of UID 0. You have three choices,

- Worst: Drop all tests for UID. It's currently implemented that way in
  OpenSSH as well.

- Medium: Change to test for member of Administrators. You can get that
  by calling NetUserGetInfo(NULL, username, 1, buf) and checking for
  buf->usri1_priv == USER_PRIV_ADMIN. However, this check isn't valid
  for LocalSystem which you would need to check explicitly.

- Best: Check explicitly for one or more user rights by calling
  GetTokenInformation(..., TokenPrivileges, ...).


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