Problems with texi2html, docbook-tools, and building Cygwin Doc???

Brian Keener
Mon Nov 20 13:59:00 GMT 2000

Brian Keener wrote:
> and tries to run the install 
> executable from vim (which doesn't seem to do what it is supposed to) and 
> fails.  Once I figured this out I used the install from /usr/bin and got 
> the texi2html files installed in /usr/local where they go by default.  I 
> accomplished this through the command line and not actually modifying any 
> scripts.

Okay, side note and add on to this part - located this as a path problem in 
my path set in .profile.  Appears my path references /usr/share/vim/vim56 
before it references the rest of the paths like /usr and /usr/bin and other. 
Once I moved /usr/share/vim to the end of the path it seems to be finding 
the correct install.

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