OemToAnsi patch from 2000-07-04

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Thu Nov 16 21:37:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 10:27:05PM +0300, Egor Duda wrote:
>Wednesday, 15 November, 2000 Kazuhiro Fujieda fujieda@jaist.ac.jp wrote:
>>> I have no problem with a Cygwin option.  Should it be more general, though?
>>> Something like:
>>> set CYGWIN=codepage:oem
>KF>  It  doesn't  need such generosity. Because  we can't choose other
>KF>  codepages  than  the  system  default ANSI or OEM codepage as the
>KF> internal codepage of the Cygwin DLL. I think the following  simple
>KF> switch is sufficient for this purpose. 
>KF> set CYGWIN=oemcp
>if there is CYGWIN=codepage:ansi option than you can do something like
>set CYGWIN=%CYGWIN% codepage:ansi
>and no matter what codepage: was set in your original %CYGWIN% we will
>turn back to default.

Sounds right to me.  I like the 'codepage:' (or whatever) approach because
it lets us plan for the future.

I don't suppose there are already any UNIX methods for accomplishing this
already, are there?


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