-fnative-struct improves timings slightly.

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 10:50:00 GMT 2000

There's been talk about -fnative-struct switch on the MinGW list and I thought
I'd give it a try when building Cygwin.  Here are the timings:

Before -fnative-struct:
        User time (seconds): 536.17
        System time (seconds): 593.31
        Percent of CPU this job got: 60%
        Elapsed (wall clock) time (h:mm:ss or m:ss): 31:16.34

After -fnative-struct:
        User time (seconds): 529.86
        System time (seconds): 469.90
        Percent of CPU this job got: 61%
        Elapsed (wall clock) time (h:mm:ss or m:ss): 26:52.60

BTW, FYI, the discussion in MinGW suggests that -fnative-struct improves
intercompatibility with MSVC.


Earnie Boyd

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