link to mirrors.html from snapshots page?

David Starks-Browning
Wed Nov 1 02:23:00 GMT 2000

On Tuesday 31 Oct 00, Christopher Faylor writes:
> >(It's not good enough to just check your favourite mirror all the
> >time, because you never know what they've picked it up.  You have to
> >start at the snapshots web page to see what should be available, then
> >go to mirrors.html and start hunting.)
> I don't know.  The mirror sites are almost always going to be out of
> date, aren't they?  

I suppose, though in theory you could pick up last night's snapshot
the next day, if the snapshot built before the mirror updated.

> This may be one of those times where it makes sense
> to keep trying when you're trying to get a snapshot.

Sorry, but I have *never* gotten through to sourceware directly in
about 18 months![1]  (Of course, I don't try every 5 mins either.)  So
I'm not sure it really "makes sense to keep trying".  But again, I
tend not to keep trying, so I ought not judge this.

> We could also make the snapshots available via http rather than ftp.
> There are no limits for that.

That sounds good to me.


[1] But, ummm, don't go checking the logs... :-)

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