prelim FAQ update: Installation Instructions

DJ Delorie
Wed May 31 20:40:00 GMT 2000

> I have some very minor nits.

I have attached some forward-looking statements based on my pending
setup work.

> All mounts are binary by default.

For re-installs, mounts will default to the previous state of the root
mount.  For new installs (i.e. no previous cygwin on the *system*)
binary is the default.  The user is given the option of selecting text
or binary, or accepting the default.

> Could you add a strong recommendation to use a directory like
> c:\cygwin as the root rather than specifying something like c:\ ?

The new setup will print this recommendation, and will require
additional confirmation before using a drive's root as the install

> You refer to "the empty directory" under "Internet installation with
> setup.exe".  Shouldn't that be "an empty directory"?

The new setup will check the current directory, and warn of dangers
and require confirmation before proceeding in a non-empty directory.
Internet installs only, of course.

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