Somewhat off-topic: Does cygwin net release gdb run "out of the box" for you?

Chris Faylor
Sun May 28 21:15:00 GMT 2000

I'm trying to track down the problems that people have been reporting
with gdb so I was starting from scratch with a net release.

I was surprised to find that gdb just returned to the prompt when I did

I recognize the symptom and I know how to fix this but I wasn't having
this problem on my system until I "updated" to the net release.

So, I'm wondering if I screwed up the last gdb net release more than
a month ago and have been ignoring the pleas for help in the cygwin
mailing list.

The workaround for the problem is to set TCL_LIBRARY.  I wasn't doing
that though, so I must have been using a modified version of


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