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Michael Ring
Wed May 24 12:27:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, 24 May 2000 12:10:44 -0400, you wrote:

>I've just checked in my biggie patches to do these:
>	* tar.c: New file; built-in tar using zlib.
>	* tar.h: New file; header for same.
>	* ctar.c: New file; test program for same.
>	* add built-in tar, remove tar.exe and gzip.exe
>	* path.c (pathcat): convert slashes and canonicalize, instead of aborting
>	* setup.c (tarx): add support for built-in tar
>	(main): accept unix-style slashes, check root dir for drive letters,
>	warn about installing in /, make sure cwd is empty for internet installs,
>	defer mounts to end of install, support built-in tar.
>One advantage I didn't think of before is that by using an internal
>tar, we can defer messing with the mount table until after we know
>everything was installed correctly.  Changing the mount table is now
>the *last* thing setup does.
>My next chunk will hopefully include these goals:
>* internalize the remaining .exes
>* use unique name and shared memory area for cygwin1.dll
>* call cygwin1.dll functions directly (to internalize exe's above)
>* default mount points to previously installed text/binary setting
>This should also let setup run with an incompatible cygwin DLL already
>running in the system.

Please keep me informed an the status of the 'new' cygwin1.dll; Igf
you need someone to test-drive the dll, fell free to ask me! (If you
are interested, please cc the mail to , my
mail address at work.

The problems with exchanging this dll is one of the main reasons why I
have not made the rpm-based distribution available to others. If your
patch makes it possible to distribute a dll with another name than
cygwin1.dll for installation purposes that problem would be solved
(Even better: perhaps the new lib is static and can directly be linked
into rpm, that would be even better.)

Michael Ring

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