cr/lf conundrum

DJ Delorie
Fri May 19 14:18:00 GMT 2000

> After investigating stdio.h I see that getc/putc are already prototyped as
> functions.  The getc/putc macros are conditioned with `#ifndef lint' already. 
> This could be modified to also condition __CYGWIN__ or give instructions to use
> `-Dlint' in CFLAGS.

The problem isn't that they're macros *now*.  The problem is that they
were macros back when the existing apps were built, like the bash on
sourceware.  If we could recompile the world, it wouldn't be a
problem.  I am, however, considering de-macroizing them in case this
happens again, even though there's a minor speed penalty when that

I'm working on a patch that uses api_major/api_minor (which I just
remembered we had :) to detect these legacy apps, and try to adjust
the conversion logic accordingly.

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