/cygdrive/windows ?

Parker, Ron rdparker@butlermfg.com
Fri May 5 14:25:00 GMT 2000

> From: Earnie Boyd [ mailto:earnie_boyd@yahoo.com ]

> I get it now, sorry.  Hmm...  How about an internal mapping 
> of /boot for the
> SystemDrive, /boot/windir for the windows path?  Since the 
> System and System32
> directories always fall as subdirectories of /boot/windir 
> this wouldn't have to
> be mapped.  So, for example, if you have your WINNT system on 
> the C: drive then
> /boot would be mapped to C:/ and /boot/windir would map to C:/WINNT.

Not necessarily. There are some network installation situations that have
the system(32) directory in a different location than under windir. And IIRC
Terminal services makes for a really strange directory layout.

To me, "boot" symbolizes the minimum files needed to load an OS.  I suppose
you could argue that most of the harddrive is needed to boot Windows. But
IMO it just doesn't fit.

BTW, I like the idea of a having the Windows and System(32) directories
available as a pseudo-mount.  

While putting them under /cygdrive would be a bit of a misnomer it does
avoid slowing the parsing of normal paths.  Would changing it to something
like /mnt or /cygmnt make sense?
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