/cygdrive/windows ?

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Wed May 3 12:41:00 GMT 2000

At 03:30 PM 5/3/00, Chris Faylor wrote:
>On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 03:18:05PM -0400, Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:
> >At 02:42 PM 5/3/00, Chris Faylor wrote:
> >>As far as /boot is concerned, I like the name, but I hate polluting the
> >>namespace.  We've already abrogated /cygdrive, so I was thinking that
> >>we should stick with that even though it doesn't make sense to refer
> >>to the windows directory as a "drive".
> >
> >True but there is DOS-style precedent.  One can map a fully qualified 
> >path to a drive with the "subst" command.  In this case, one is mapping
> >a directory to a drive and treating it as such.  On the hand, if you ask
> >me if I feel comfortable about propagating DOS-style conventions, that's
> >another story!;-)
>x: is not a device in the UNIX sense, though.  It's still a file-structured

Right.  My response came in "out of order".  I was responding to your comment 
about using /cygdrive for the windows directory, not the subsequent 
discussion of whether /dev is more appropriate than /cygdrive for this 
"connection" point.

My comment is pretty much an "incidental".  However, I do tend to agree with
DJ with regard to how the ability to change /cygdrive to some other name 
affects the overall usefulness of /cygdrive in the case you brought up.


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