/cygdrive/windows ?

Espen Harlinn espen.harlinn@seamos.no
Wed May 3 07:56:00 GMT 2000

Hi Chris,

> Um.  I was not talking about putting cygwin stuff in windows/system.
> I used the example "some.dll" not "cygwin1.dll".
In which case you have my sincere apology for generating the white noice ...
(when in doubt, run around in circles - scream and shout :-) )

It's just that putting things in the system[32] directory is one of the main
"features" of ms "plug-and-pray" technology.
My favorite uninstall program is 'del /s *.*', and any program supporting
this gets a *star* in my book. Due to various experiences with some
uninstall programs, I would rather install a new HD than attempt to use the

(I seem to recall that you mentioned something like this a few days ago
... )


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