Time for a new DLL release

Parker, Ron rdparker@butlermfg.com
Mon May 1 10:06:00 GMT 2000

> From: Corinna Vinschen [ mailto:corinna@vinschen.de ]

> Do you think that each package which is installed as a part of
> the local cygwin install should have it's own entry in the windows
> "Add/Remove Programs" tab? Just a question. It would completely
> replace the standard rpm database then, isn't it? Nevertheless
> rpm itself has to be a cygwin app, IMO, because I would like
> to be able to use it on the command line.

I agree that rpm needs to be a cygwin application.  I did not mean to imply
that it would be a non-cygwin Windows native application. 

I have mixed thought on having one entry in the "Add/Remove Programs" tab
for each package.  In a large installation, this could result in a very long
list of packages.  I realize cygwin isn't Linux.  But in Linux there can be
hundreds of packages installed on a system.  On the otherhand it would work
out well for smaller installations.  

If we decided to go with a single entry like "Cygwin Programs" I would
recommend launching the UI and allowing the user to install, remove, or
update packages from there.  On the otherhand if we went with an entry per
package, the easiest solution would be to ask rpm to uninstall the package
and allow it to fail if there are other packages installed that depend upon

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