Mo Dejong's install problems

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Fri Mar 31 08:25:00 GMT 2000

Earnie Boyd <> writes:
> Well, since you brought up using the DOS Command process as the "shell", here
> is another brainstorm of mine.  Have a stub process that keeps the Cygwin dll
> initialized.  This would have to be user configurable, SET CYGWIN=...
> [no]keepalive ..., with a default of nokeepalive.  This would help speed the
> processes when using the DOS Command shell.

A long time ago, I added Cygwin dll to the "Known DLLs" list, but I don't
remember if I saw any significant improvements. 

For those not familiar with Known DLLs list, a registry key in windows
contains a list of DLLs that windows knows about, and it optimizes the
loading process. The downside is that WIndows will always load the same
one, even if you have multiple DLLs with the same name, and say you want
to load a different one for testing. 

One way is to create a tiny Cygwin app that is always running, and that
creates that shareable area that all Cygwin processes attach to. Sort of
a 'init' process. If it's dead, the next Cygwin DLL load will start it

Don't know if that will improve the performance however. Needs some


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