Mo Dejong's install problems

Parker, Ron
Wed Mar 29 08:18:00 GMT 2000

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> My point was that most people are used to graphical 
> installers for windows
> programs, not console ones.

Understood. My first thought was to have a GUI installer. I changed this at
Chris' request.


> Nope. Windows is really hosed in that respect. I have to wonder why
> a .bat file is even getting used at all. Why not create a .bashrc
> file in the root of the install path and then put the setting of
> the PATH in there? I tried this on my box at home and it seemed
> to work like a charm. My cygwin.bat file looked like this:
> echo off
> cd C:/Cygwin/usr/bin
> bash
> I then put the variable stuff in C:/Cygwin/.bashrc and it 
> seemed to work.


I am not a bash expert.  I agree this would be better than having settings
in the batch file itself.  I know local settings go in $HOME/.bashrc and
when bash is called with --login global settings are read from /etc/profile,
but where do the global settings go when bash is called without --login?  

BTW, after we get the installer into CVS any help would be very welcome.  I
have a couple of things I have to do before the source can be committed to
CVS.  Until then, if anyone is interested they could work on a wininet.h for
MinGW.  Right now setup must be built with MSVC because that header does not
exist in cygwin and I have not had the time to write one yet. It was on the
list after the installer was whipped into shape for this release.
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