net release/installer status?

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Mon Mar 27 20:50:00 GMT 2000

Chris Faylor <> writes:
> There *is* a -I<path_to_w32ap_include> in winsup/Makefile.common:
> INCLUDES:=-I. -I$(cygwin_source)/include -I$(cygwin_source) -I$(newlib_source
> )/libc/sys/cygwin -I$(newlib_source)/libc/include -I$(w
> 32api_include)
> AFAICT, it is being set correctly.  I see a
> -I/whatever/winsup/w32api/include in my CC lines when I compile.

Aargh, you're right. I'm looking at my copy on my laptop, which is
way out of date -- I don't even know how old it is. Sorry about 

> I did submit a patch to include the various include directories when
> building gcc:
> LIBGCC2_INCLUDES = -I$(srcdir)/../winsup/include \
>         -I$(srcdir)/../winsup/cygwin/include \
>         -I$(srcdir)/../winsup/w32api/include
> This is in the sourceware gcc.

I see it now. 

> I don't have your (Mumit) sources handy but I thought we'd already gone
> through this exercise with your sources, too.

I don't think I had built one-tree gcc/winsup/etc before freezing 
the gcc-2.95.2-1 sources.

I'm definitely missing this bit. Sigh.

Let's see what Corinna's problem is first and we'll take it from there.


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