net release/installer status?

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Mon Mar 27 20:34:00 GMT 2000

Corinna Vinschen <> writes:
> FYI: I finally could cross compile cygwin1.dll on my linux box.
> Ah, yes, it's not only compiled but it also runs under W2K.
> Nevertheless I have some trouble. I have patched two Makefiles and
> I had to configure twice in winsup. Eventually I couldn't compile
> the utils subdir because w32api/include isn't in the configured
> incude path list.

The problem may actually be quite simple -- we may be lacking 
  -nostdinc -I<path_to_w32ap_include> 
in the Makefiles. The -B<path_to_newlib> only handles the newlib
includes, but the w32api headers are still coming from your
installed tree.

I remember running into this when I had an older version of w32api
and gcc installed, and tried an one-tree build. I should dig it
up and submit a patch for it.


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