Net release status?

Mo DeJong
Sat Mar 25 15:08:00 GMT 2000

Re: The installer posted by Ron Parker.

Hi Ron.

I decided to try out your installer and post the results.

I first downloaded the cygwin installer and saved it in D:\Cygwin. I then
extracted all the .tar.gz files from cygwin into D:\Cygwin.

The "cygwin setup" program was a dos based util that asked me where the
root directory should be located. I chose the default of C:\.

It then asked me if I wanted to download packages from the internet. I
typed "no".

At that point, it started installing every .tar.gz file it found
(the ones located in subdirectories of D:\Cygwin).

The installer seemed to create everything in the "C:\" directory.
At the very least, the default should be something like "C:\Cygwin-1.1.1"
or "C:\Program Files\Cygwin-1.1.1", not the "C:\" directory!

The installer program seemed to "get stuck" after printing the
following text to the screen. "Creating the uninstall file...".
I was not sure if the program had crashed or if it was doing
something. After about 10 minutes I had to kill the program
to do anything on my system (a Win 95 box).

I had to reboot my box to get it working again after the installer
crashed. I then tried to run what I thought would be the cygwin
bash shell by choosing the following menu item
Start->Programs->Cygnus Solutions->Cygwin-1.1.0.
The old B.20 install I had on this box (I just uninstalled B.20)
would launch bash when I clicked on that menu item, but this
version just printed:

Out of environment space
Out of environment space
Bad command or file name

I am guessing a .bat file is being used and that the proper
executable could not be found on the PATH.

I then decided I would uninstall cygwin and try again but use "C:\Cygwin"
as the root directory. I looked in the "Add-Remove programs" list
but there was no listing for cygwin. I am no windows expert, so I
did not want to try to hack the registry to remove whatever settings
the installer created. I was stuck at this point.

I hope that helps.
Mo Dejong
Red Hat Inc.

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