File permision errors on win98 with net release candidate

John Fortin
Sat Mar 18 07:46:00 GMT 2000

Chris Faylor wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 08:25:11PM -0500, John Fortin wrote:
> >> Can someone take a look at the configure code that is failing, pare it down
> >> to a simple test case and either report it here or, even better, run strace
> >> on a failing shell and send it here?
> >
> >OK, here goes...
> >
> >I trimmed the failing configure script to this which still fails with
> >this output:
> >
> >~/gnu/autoconf-2.13/: config.jef
> >config.jef
> >.//config.jef: cannot create temp file for here document: Permission
> >denied
> >~/gnu/autoconf-2.13/: bash -version
> >bash -version
> >GNU bash, version 2.03.0(2)-release (i686-pc-cygwin)
> >Copyright 1998 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
> >~/gnu/autoconf-2.13/:
> I've checked in a change that seems to fix this.  There is danger here,
> however.  I messed around with the unlink() function.
> The problem was that bash was using a UNIX-idiom.  It was opening a file,
> deleting it, and then reading from it.  Windows doesn't allow you to
> delete an open file so cygwin works around this by maintaining a queue
> of files to delete when it finds that it has hit a sharing violation
> like this.
> Windows 95, in certain circumstances, does not return a sharing
> violation when an attempt is made to delete an open file.  Instead, it
> returns an access error.  This makes the error indistinguishable from
> other access errors.
> So, I rewrote unlink() to open the file with a "CLOSE_ON_DELETE" flag
> in cases where it couldn't delete the file immediately.
> On NT, that will actually do exactly what we want.  On 95, it may fail
> but if the file is already open *then* I'll get a sharing error.  So,
> we can detect that and queue the file for later deletion -- the old
> fashioned way.
> Anyway, please, everybody test this and let me know if I've broken
> anything.
> Thanks, John, for the test case, and strace output that allowed me to
> pinpoint the problem.
> cgf

I compiled from CVS, and all seems OK so far.


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