bouncing along the %PATH%

Sean Champ
Fri Mar 17 19:14:00 GMT 2000

is there any way to set things up so that a search (eg: whatever the software does when it looks for a command you've called) will recurse through sub-directories of something set int %PATH%?

if so, even if it's a long-shot, could you maybe point me towards the place in the source-code, where I'd have to start chipping, to get to this?


  i'm probably not the first person who's thought that /usr/local/bin is seriously over-stuffed with things, and that it might be better off to package it into branches, if it wasn't for getting a huge %PATH% (which isn't necessaritly terrible to look at, but I guess it can eat up the time on command-line calls, especially if things aren't ordered well enough when the %PATH% is set.)


-- sean

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