swapping mount-points in a batch-file?

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 06:58:00 GMT 2000

--- Sean Champ <symmetry_web@email.msn.com> wrote:
> hi.
> is there any easy way to change mount-points per-batch-file? and is there any
> access to the mount-point seetings via the unix api (or will I have to look
> into possibly messing up the registry)?
> (eg:  i'm trying to get cygwin into a more FHS-compliant way, and would like
> to have, or build, a means for having a UNIX mount-table and a Cygwin
> mount-table.)

I don't understand your question.  What does this have to do with the
development of Cygwin1.dll?  This list is to be used only for the development
of the winsup code and if you're not contributing to that then this list is off
limits for questions.  However, if you're considering patches that will help to
further the development of the winsup source then that's a different scenario.

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