Net release status?

Kazuhiro Fujieda
Sat Mar 11 00:35:00 GMT 2000

>>> On Wed, 8 Mar 2000 21:10:13 -0500
>>> Chris Faylor <> said:

> Have all of the toolchain directory issues been worked out?

I understand all executable binaries should be stored in
`usr/bin' according to the discussion about the directory

`cygwin' package has been repackaged according to the
discussion.  But other packages (except for the packages having
no need to be repackaged, such as `gcc', `gdb', and `binutils')
are leaved alone.

DJ, can you repackage these packages ?

I want to check these packages will be released at the
forthcoming net release with their complete set of files.
At present, diff.tar.gz doesn't contain cmp.exe, and gzip.tar.gz
doesn't contain gunzip.exe as far as I noticed.
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