Net release status?

Ron Parker
Thu Mar 9 14:33:00 GMT 2000

>From: "Parker, Ron" <>

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>I will add a prompt
>feature today so that the user will be prompted when setup finds a file on
>the server that exists on the users machine.  It will ask them whether or
>not the file should be replaced.

Done, but untested due to not being able to get a reliable network 
connection to the private version of the net release.  I will test this 
against my internal FTP server at home, when I get there.

>Also, I will try to get a simply uninstall implemented today and an icon on
>the Start Menu. How does "Start|Program Files|Cygnus Software|Cygwin Shell"
>sound? I will us a batch file like the previous release only install it 

Done.  Contrary to the above statement, two icons now go into the "Cygnus 
Solutions" menu, "Cygwin 1.1.0" and "Uninstall Cygwin 1.1.0".  Since the 
uninstall is just a batch file, it does not get placed into the "Add/Remove 
Programs" portion of Control Panel.  There is no good way for the batch file 
to unregister itself from the "Uninstall" section of the registry.

I will continue to add some more functionality to the setup, but I have 
attached the current source for building with Visual Studio 6.0.  In order 
to build it, extract the file, place the source for the current zlib into 
the zlib subdirectory, add gzipped versions of cygwin1.dll, tar.exe, 
gzip.exe, cygpath.exe and mount.exe to the directory where setup.c is, and 
build it.

I still need to know a few things:
* Is 1.1.0 the official version number?
* Where should I default to for downloading packages?
* What happens when others test the setup?
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