Net release status?

Parker, Ron
Thu Mar 9 08:54:00 GMT 2000

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> From: Chris Faylor [ ]


> Ron, you posted a URL for a preliminary version of your setup.exe,
> right?  Would you mind reposting it?  I forgot to save it.


My apologies for not keeping this updated I have been out ill with computer
and ISP problems. As a result I am not especially happy with the current
lack of features, but have done what I could manage in my "coherent" hours.

The URL is . It still contains the
original _very_ preliminary version of the installer.  I cannot update it
from work.  I will do so when I get home this evening, although that may be
quite late, 10:00 PM CST, 4:00 GMT, or later.

The current state of the installer is:
* currently the setup program builds with Visual C until I can make a decent
wininet.h for mingw. I was going to do this when I had all the features I
wanted in the install.
* Prompts for a root directory 
* Asks if files should be retrieved from the net
* If so, it asks for a URL. This can be via FTP or HTTP. Currently it
defaults to the private directory. I need a good default that can go in the
actual net release.
* It attempts to connect that URL and if needed prompts for proxy
authentication information, username and password.
* It then recurses down through the directories downloading any non-source
.tar.gz files into the directory where setup was run.
* Note, at this time it does nothing intelligent about comparing time stamps
or file sizes between the server and the download directory. It just
downloads what is found.
* All of the .tar.gz files in the directory where setup was run (and the
subdirectories thereof) are then extracted to the specified root directory.
* The root directory is mounted.

Currently there is no uninstall routine.  The downloaded files, if any will
be kept on the users hard drive.  

There is a problem with retrieving file size and date information when doing
FTP via HTTP, which is the way you have to get through a CERN proxy.  So I
cannot do too much intelligent in this area.  However, I will add a prompt
feature today so that the user will be prompted when setup finds a file on
the server that exists on the users machine.  It will ask them whether or
not the file should be replaced.

Also, I will try to get a simply uninstall implemented today and an icon on
the Start Menu. How does "Start|Program Files|Cygnus Software|Cygwin Shell"
sound? I will us a batch file like the previous release only install it into

The official version number will be 1.1.0, correct?

At this point anything else I can squeeze in before the release will be

If anyone wants the setup routine as it currently stands, before add these
things and arrive home this evening, I will e-mail you the .exe or source.
I will not post something that is ~500KB to the mailing list unless
expressly asked to do so by Chris or DJ. I may post the source after the
above changes are made. It should archive to ~15kb.

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