Character sets in win32 and cygwin

DJ Delorie
Tue Mar 7 12:32:00 GMT 2000

> The best long-term solution for a console application is to use
> Unicode. Barring that solution, a console application should use the
> SetFileApisToOEM function. That function changes relevant Win32 file
> functions so that they produce OEM character set strings rather than
> ANSI character set strings. "

You mean like this?

  /* If we didn't call SetFileApisToOEM, console I/O calls would use a
     different codepage than other Win32 API calls.  In some languages
     (not English), this would result in "cat > filename" creating a file
     by a different name than if CreateFile was used to create filename.
     SetFileApisToOEM prevents this problem by making all calls use the
     OEM codepage. */

  SetFileApisToOEM ();

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