File missing in net preview?

Chris Faylor
Wed Mar 1 14:23:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 04:18:32PM -0600, Parker, Ron wrote:
>After reinstalling from scratch of off the updated net preview files, I
>still have a /usr/i686-cygwin/{include,lib} that contain the includes and
>libs needed by gcc. This is requiring me to set the .*_PATH environment
>variables in order to compile. So I decided to rebuild everything from
>scratch for myself with "configure --prefix=/usr i686-pc-cygwin". When I
>make gdb, I get the following at the tail of my output.
>gcc -c -g -O2     -I. -I/home/gdb-20000127/gdb
>-I/home/gdb-20000127/gdb/config -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
>-I/home/gdb-20000127/gdb/../readline/.. -I../bfd
>-I/home/gdb-20000127/gdb/../bfd  -I/home/gdb-20000127/gdb/../include
>-I../intl -I/home/gdb-20000127/gdb/../intl -I/home/gdb-20000127/gdb/tui
>-DGDBTK   /home/gdb-20000127/gdb/win32-nat.c
>/home/gdb-20000127/gdb/win32-nat.c:43: imagehlp.h: No such file or directory
>make[1]: *** [win32-nat.o] Error 1
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/obj/gdb/gdb'
>make: *** [all-gdb] Error 2
>Plainly there is no imagehlp.h in the distribution. Should there be, is
>there a missing define I should use to avoid this, or is GDB not rebuildable
>from the net release?

This is related to a previous message on the list.  I've asked DJ to regenerate
this portion of the preview from a current snapshot.  That will include imagehlp.h
and should put the include stuff in /usr/include.


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