Setup over a previous installation

Earnie Boyd
Wed Mar 1 11:05:00 GMT 2000

--- "Parker, Ron" <> wrote:
> Does this make sense to everyone?

Yep :)

> My other concern is that the umount-mount sequence for changing the root
> directory only works from bash and not from the Windows command line.  When
> using the windows command line to issue the (re)mount command, an automount
> occurs in cygwin1.dll.  My current line of thought is that setup.exe will do
> a LoadLibrary on cygwin1.dll followed by an unmount-mount sequence and that
> this should suppress the automount that occurs at the Windows command
> prompt.
> Could someone more experienced with the workings of cygwin1.dll let me know
> if this is off base?

umount isn't necessary.  Use the -f switch on mount to force the new root

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