Setup over a previous installation

Parker, Ron
Wed Mar 1 10:55:00 GMT 2000

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> From: Earnie Boyd [ ]


> Hmm...  WAIT A MINUTE, mount.exe requires cygwin1.dll which 
> isn't installed
> yet.  If you store cygwin1.dll in c:\temp then cygwin1.dll 
> will do an automount
> for / to point to c:/temp.  I don't think this is what you want.


Actually it would automount / to point to WINDRIVE:\.

I think it may be a safe bet to assume that if a user has
{HKLM,HKCU}\Software\Cygnus Solutions in their registry that they already
have some mount entries from some Cygnus software.  My proposal would be to
check for this registry key and if found issue a "mount --import-old-mounts"
followed by "mount" and parse the output looking for the root directory.
Otherwise, I would assume a default directory of WINDRIVE:\cygwin.

Note: This is only the default root directory. The user would still be
allowed to override it.

Does this make sense to everyone?

My other concern is that the umount-mount sequence for changing the root
directory only works from bash and not from the Windows command line.  When
using the windows command line to issue the (re)mount command, an automount
occurs in cygwin1.dll.  My current line of thought is that setup.exe will do
a LoadLibrary on cygwin1.dll followed by an unmount-mount sequence and that
this should suppress the automount that occurs at the Windows command

Could someone more experienced with the workings of cygwin1.dll let me know
if this is off base?

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