[PATCH]: Cygdrive Path Prefix

Jason Tishler Jason.Tishler@dothill.com
Mon Jul 31 13:22:00 GMT 2000

On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 06:39:24PM -0400, Chris Faylor wrote:
> I've checked in this patch with a couple of minor changes.
> I renamed remove_cygdrive_info_to_registry to remove_cygdrive_info_from_registry.

Oops, a yank and put error.

> I also renamed the umount option from --remove_cygdrive_prefix to
> --remove-cygdrive-prefix.

Oh no, another one.

> I also noticed that if you do a 'umont --remove-cygdrive-prefix' when
> you have no prefix, the error message is less than helpful. 

Sorry for the sloppiness, most of this work was done when I should have
been sleeping...

> Could you
> set an appropriate error message in cygwin so that a sensical error
> message is produced by umount.exe?

I will correct the above problem and supply another patch.

> Anyway, thanks for filling in this hole in cygwin functionality!  I
> appreciate your efforts very much.

You're very welcome.  I enjoyed making the changes, learned a lot, and
feel good about giving something (albeit small) back.


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