sample setup "version chooser"

Chris Faylor
Thu Jul 27 07:23:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, Jul 27, 2000 at 09:59:22AM -0400, DJ Delorie wrote:
>>fileutils, shellutils, ash, and bash are the only ones I notice in the
>>current latest.  I think that fileutils and shellutils are particularly
>>problematic since it is not obvious what they contain.
>But, *mandatory*?  Even RH's GNUpro customers don't install those
>unless they're actually rebuilding the tools.
>You yourself don't use bash ;-)

My original quote was:

>Ok.  I think that setup should still warn if the user tries to not install
>something that we have deemed to be part of the complete package, though.

That doesn't mean that the stuff is "mandatory".  I just wanted to give
someone pause if they decided not to download those packages.

A power-user (like me) would say "Yeah, yeah" and click on Next.  A
novice might say "What's going on?  I thought that the
cygwin-20010329-1.tar.gz had everything I needed!"

I actually can't believe that I'm arguing for this.  I hate the "Are you
sure?" messages that gets in my way when I'm trying to do stuff.  I'm
trying to think lowest common denominator, though.

Maybe this is a round tuit feature if we see massive confusion on the
cygwin mailing list.


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