time to unleash the new setup?

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Thu Jul 13 17:51:00 GMT 2000

Just in case you haven't found these and you're still looking for input 
from folks on the new setup (especially us real novice types) :-)  I gave 
the new dj-setup a shot and love it - works beautifully.  I did have two 
glitches that you may have already fixed.  I forgot to get the latest 
version so the one I was using was from Monday, but at any rate - what I 
ran into was as follows:

1) When I selected the URL - I simply selected the first one on the list 
and then selected next at which point it gave me a Message box that said 
"parse error" and gave me the chance to hit okay. I then went to the URL 
list again and selected a different one and it continued and began the 
download.  At this point I hit cancel and ran it again and selected 
'Other URL' so I could give it sourceware.cygnus.com so I would be sure 
to get the most up to date versions and selected Next and it began the 
download and continued on through until it got to groff.

2) when it got to groff setup gave me a byte count error and then 
gracefully skipped groff and went on to the next file.  I manually 
downloaded groff without a problem via ftp before going on to the next 
step so not sure why setup burped on it.

My system is a laptop running Win95B.  Other than the problem with groff 
and that one parse error everything else seemed to work fine.  Not sure 
what to look for since this is a Win95 machine as far as the logic you 
added for passwd, groups, the setup shells, etc. If you want me to look 
for anything in particular let me know.

Brian Keener

Virtual  Access 5.50 build 311 Win95

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Thank you.

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