setup: icons, shortcuts, and batch files

Michael Ring
Wed Jul 12 01:32:00 GMT 2000

>Both of those were already created by the older version of setup.exe.
>IMO, most of the stuff in your /etc/profile should be established by
>setup.  I don't like the idea of repeatedly checking to see if something
>has been done when it should be done during the setup phase.  That
>slows down bash startup.

Yes, you are right. But if there's one change that should definetely
survive, it's the usage of the profile.d directory. This is really
helpfull for integrating x11r6 & other applications.

>The only reason to do this that I can think of is that if the user
>accidentally deletes /etc/passwd, it will be magically restored the
>next time they run bash.  I don't think that that is a strong argument
>for this kind of activity in /etc/profile.

Agreed, but until now there was no mechanism for this --> that's why
the ended up in /etc/profile. 

The next time I post something like this I will first test it on
Win98, I promise! I saw the postings about the trouble the profile
caused on win98.
This seems to be a lesson that I still have to learn.


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