setup: icons, shortcuts, and batch files

Jeffrey Juliano
Tue Jul 11 12:41:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, DJ Delorie wrote:


> I'd like to unleash this on the unsuspecting public ASAP, so please
> test this version.  Even if you don't need to actually upgrade, please
> test-install in a temp directory so I can get some feedback.

Ok, I'm giving it a shot on windows 98.  I first moved my old cygwin dir,
and wiped all the cygwin stuff out of the registry HKCU and HKLM.

The interface looks great.  Easy to understand.

I grabbed dj-setup.exe from the http server above to the directory foo.
Double-clicked on it in windows explorer.  Chose "Download from Internet
to Current Directory" and "Use IE5 Settings".  After downloading all the
files to foo/latest, dj-setup exited.

It would give me a nice warm feeling if it gave me feedback telling me
that the download completed successfully.

While windows explorer is still visiting directory foo, double-clicked on
dj-setup.exe.  Chose "Install from Current Directory".  In the next
window, the text area is empty.  I had expected to get a suggested default
location, or at least a warning to use something other than C:\.

At this point, if I click on the Browse button, dj-setup crashes.  But, if
I first enter anything into the text area, then there's no crash and the
"Browse for Folder" window pops up.

So, I type d:\, click Browse, play around, then cancel.  Then I change D:\
to D:\cygwin and choose binary mounts.  Setup does the install to the
right place.  But now when I click on the Cygwin icon on my desktop, I get
the following behavior:

 * I see, very briefly, what looks like should be the bash window, pop up

 * It disappears before I can see what's going on.

 * that's it.

The contents of D:\cygwin\cygwin.bat are:

<quote file=d:\cygwin\cygwin.bat>
@echo off

chdir \cygwin

set PATH=d:/cygwin/bin;d:/cygwin/usr/bin;%PATH%
bash --login -i

my system path is set to C:\WINDOWS;c:\windows;c:\window\COMMAND

So, I open a Dos prompt, and type the lines from cygwin.bat one-by-one.
Verify that path is as it should be before typing the last line.  Then I
type it (bash --login -i).  I get a dialog box about not being able to
open a dll (net something), and in my dos box I see

Creating /etc/group
BASH.EXE: /bin/mkgroup: Permission denied

followed by a bash prompt.  Strange, I have an empty /etc/group file
but no /etc/passwd file.

At this point, I cat get a bash prompt by manually typing the lines from
cygwin.bat into a dos shell, but double-clicking on the cygwin icon still
exhibits the same failure I described above.  The "Cmd line" for the
cygwin icon is:

C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM /E:4096 /c d:/cygwin/cygwin.bat

I'm stumped.  Feel free to ask me for more info or to test.  (I'm
subscribed to the digest version of the list)


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