new setup.exe in cvs!

DJ Delorie
Tue Jul 11 12:38:00 GMT 2000

> Just downloaded it, started it, ......   .......  .......  no option
> for sys/user mounts in the version I downloaded...

Oops, uploaded the wrong copy.  Try now.

> Also you did not modify cygwin.bat. the path still gets set there so
> now /bin and /usr/bin show up twice.

I don't change it if it already exists.  You have to delete the files
if you want setup to build new ones.

> If you remove the PATH command from cygwin.bat then it is save to
> start bash in a cmd window as often as the user wishes.

But you have to hard-code the path to bash, and that shows up in
bash's messages:

	bin\bash: foo bar grill

> You should also think about the idea to move profile cygwin.cmd etc.
> to a tar file for better & easier supportability.

No, because updating that tar file would override any local changes
the user may have made to those files.  Setup will only create
new files, it won't replace existing ones.

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